Commitment to deliver highest service quality!

Our Mission

We will serve our customers with know how and expertise to support their future success by providing consulting services during the product life cycle.

Our believes

We stay for a respectful, commited cooperation and open communication with customers and partners.
We stay for expertise, detail orientation and measurable results.
We stay for unique and customized solutions leading to customers success.
We stay for collaboration with our customers to reach best results and to develop a long-term relationship.


Who we are

We offer unique consulting services designed to fit your needs

We provide the flexibility of a specialized consulting company for our customer specific demands

We offer unique service products on Slovak market
We are flexible and a small size consulting company
We are product development professionals from automotive


Cooperation model

After an introduction of our services, we could discover together with our customers potential areas of cooperation. The definition and execution of a pilot project supports proving the benefits of our services.


Services execution

Our services execution principles are focussed on value for our customer. Predefined objective, milestones and review events are drivers to success. The implementation of changes during project execution is garant for best quality results.


Benefits of services

The external perspective from experts helps our customers to discover new solutions to become more successful in their business. Various cost savings for products and processes can be achieved, as well as a competitive advantage. The experts transfer their knowledge into the customer teams.